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Default Quadro4 980 XGL RHEL5.7 Nvidia Stereo glasses

When trying to get stereo going on my old dual-dual core Intel
box with a Q4 980, I installed the legacy driver 96.43.20 as recommended
by driver Downloads. But there is no stereo. The system is a 32 bit
RHEL5.7 system. The emitter never turns green and the Nvidia summary
(/usr/bin/nvidia-settings) never indicates stereo mode is available.
I set the stereo option in xorg.conf to "10" for LCD 120 Hz monitor.
Shouild I set "AGP" to zero or one?

A) Am I using the wrong driver?

B) Does the 3D vision kit not work with legacy 3D cards?

C) Is my xorg.conf file not correct?

D) Likely to be dissapointed with Nvidia?

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