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Default Re: (PR) AMD Launches Graphics Triple Play: 3 GPUs in 3 Months, Availability of HD 78

Newegg has one 7870 and two 7850s, and both are out of stock.

EDIT: Found some on, but and don't have any even listed. So much for availability.

Anyhow I likely wont be interested in buying one for another month or so. The short is I'm putting together a gaming rig "of sorts" for my little sister, but her HDD is fried so I have to send it out under Warranty. Once I get it back I can see how well the 4870 I have works (it was acting up in a friend's computer) and if it doesn't work then she gets my 5870 and I'll grab a 7870. Even though I should be saving all my spare cash for a new vehicle I kinda' hope the 4870 is failing so I can grab the 7870.
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