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Geforce 4 MX420
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Thanx! I didnt know it was that great of a deal, I'm buying from a computer shop close to where I live, and since I have bought so many things there, he always "gives me a deal".. although most of the things I have got recently were like $3-$5 cheaper than what I could have gotten it for online, looks like he's giving me a deal this time though!
And I know my system isn't worthy of this card, nor does it support AGP 8x, so I am upgrading to an XFX Mach 4 NF2S-ALH nForce2 chipset 400Mhz FSB motherboard and a barton (fastest I can afford) processor in March. I've already gotten a 256mb DDR 400 module (that stuff was expensive!) waiting for it, it'll do for now, but I dont feel comfortable with anything less than 384. Thanx again for the opinions..
Do you think there could be any kind of incompatibility issues with the nVidia chipset and the ATI card? I know if I had a company, I would make my product run at sub-standard levels with a rival companies product! lol
>AMD Athlon Thunderbird @ 1.2Ghz
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>Nvidia Geforce 4 MX420 64 MB DDR AGP (Forceware 53.03)
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>20GB Fujitsu/20GB Seagate (UDMA100)
>Windows XP Professional SP1
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