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Default nvnet - Can ping and resolve, no web no ftp no telnet

I'm at my wits end here...

I'm having some trouble getting my nForce ethernet adapter to work. When I try the same configuration with another network card in the same machine, all works OK, so I've got to be doing something wrong that's specific to the nForce chip.

I've compiled the tar file version of the nvidia drivers against 2.4.23, and installed them. I've also tried the open-source "forcedeth" driver, but it seems to have the same problem.

I insmod nvnet, run ifconfig to assign a static IP, and assign routes etc...

I can ping other hosts on my local network, and I can resolve domain names (if I do a "host" it works), but I can't telnet to machines on the local network, I can't FTP anywhere, and I can't get web access to work. If I do an ifconfig, I see no packets dropped on eth0.

If I try a telnet and then do a netstat, I see that the telnet is in the state "SYN_SENT", and it seems to just sit there for a long time before eventually timing out. If I do "ifconfig" while it's in this state, I see the tx and rx packet counts both going up.

If I plug in an old NE2K-PCI based card, and change my modules.conf so that eth0 is the ne2k-pci card, everything works fine, with no other changes. Exactly the same configuration.

One thing I did notice is that when I try to use nvnet, ifconfig shows the interface as "UP" but not as "RUNNING", which I thought a bit strange. I don't know if this could be related or not...

Any suggestions are appreciated.
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