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Originally Posted by johnv View Post
Hi. I'm not sure how much help I can be in this, but I'll give a try. I run two different cards with one monitor each, and setting them up was interesting. I had to do quite a bit of reading and googling to get things the way I wanted, so I should at least be able to point out some pertinent docs.
Have you got the nvidia driver running exclusively (ie. making sure that the nouveau driver doesn't load at all)? I found this to be extremely important as a first step to getting things started on the right foot. I am running debian unstable so at least we are running similar releases.
As a starter, I will list a few docs I found helpful:

The Arch, Gentoo, and Debian documents I used because all three have information important to any linux/nvidia install. The Suse and Fedora links I included in case you decide to try one of those distros.
There are other guides and howto's out there, and for other distro's, but the first three were the ones that got me on the right track. I'm not telling you to RTFM. Just if you want to get started, that I think these are good starting points for these distros. In any case, I'd be glad to help.

Also, let me add the official doc from Nvidia:

If all this is old hat to you, I apologize for my long wind. If this is the case, and you have tried making adjustments via the gui - nvidia-setting control panel, direct edit of xorg.conf, and/or use of xrandr, perhaps another option is to consider different window managers.

Thank you for your list of links.

I am at present a Debian user (like the long time between upgrades). I am running both Debian stable and testing on this rig and its the Debian testing that has proved to be quite troublesome!

I had mostly looked for Debian specific information so I do need to go through what you have indicated carefully. I was reading the Nvidia 295.20 readme this morning and with all the options its still not clear how to set up a dual card system. Multi monitor seems quite easy - its the multi card option that is proving to be so difficult. As I have been thinking of using a third card for more graphics (or CUDA) acceleration this is somewhat important to me.

I will indicate my success after I have had time to carefully read through your materials!

Thank you for your assistance!!
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