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Default Re: How real people will use Windows 8 on the desktop

Originally Posted by Melfranks View Post
Who's going to pick up the slack then?
Software developers have an enormous investment in applications which run on Windows, what would be the incentive to ditch Windows and re-write applications for another operating system?
Really? How in the world can this be good for power users? How about have 10 different applications open at once, easily switching between them?

Not gonna' lie, I've yet to use Windows 8 for myself. Going off of what I have seen and the feedback, for a desktop and laptop Metro is the worst possible thing MS could have done. Not only that, but how is it possibly going to increase productivity in big-businesses on the client-side? Can you imaging a company that has thousands of work stations trying to switch to Windows 8 and train all their employees to use the new GUI?

Metro, as it is, will never be successful in the desktop space. So long as the keyboard and mouse are the primary input devices it will not catch on. It'd be more cost effective to switch over to Apple and run XP or 7 in parallels or bootcamp.
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