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Default Re: 295.20 breaks Rage in wine and cx

Originally Posted by whig View Post
MIne is gentoo 64 bit
linux 3.2.2
wine 1.4 in gentoo 32 bit chroot
gnome2-light wm
nvidia gtx 550 ti
intel core 2 quad 2.6

Btw, can you get old school games like quake1/2/3 to run in wine? Or their linux native binaries?
well, this is strange. I upgraded to u 12.04 to also have a newer kernel but its still a no go.
The wm does not matter. I also tried wine 1.4, same driver, but i have a gtx 560ti (same chip as your card i guess).

I have no idea why you are not facing this issue, cause other people seem to have it also...
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