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Smile Re: Installing last nvidia-driver on 3.3.0-rc7

I wrote the following script to automatically modify the latest kernel 3.3 version to allow the nVIDIA driver 295.20 to properly compile.


#: Title       : userfix
#: Date Created: Sun Feb 19 12:24:18 CST 2012
#: Last Edit   : Sun Feb 19 12:24:18 CST 2012
#: Author      : James D. McDaniel
#: Version     : 1.00
#: Description : 
#: Options     : 

version=$(uname -r | cut -c -3)
folder="/lib/modules/$(uname -r)/source/arch/x86/include"
if [ "$version" == "3.3" ] ; then
  if [ -d "$folder" ] ; then
    cd $folder 
    cp generated/asm/*.h ./asm
    echo "Kernel Fix for nVIDIA driver was executed!"

exit 0

# End Of Script
For openSUSE users, I have a bash script I call SANDI, that can use DKMS to automatically install the nVIDIA driver when you update the kernel AND the above script can be set to run before the nVIDIA driver gets installed. Check it out here. If you use a different Linux distribution, consider modifying the script to work with what you are using. Just leave me comments and questions to the following blog, if you have them.

AND anyone just wanting a nice bash script to install the nVIDIA driver, take a look here:

I look forward to any fix in the nVIDIA driver that no longer needs a fix to use the kernel version 3.3, now in final release:

I have a good kernel compiler, useful for the latest script you can find here:

For anyone wanting to get ANY kernel version, back to 2006, might want to look at this bash script:

Please, I want to hear any and all comments you might have and thanks nVIDIA for your very fine hardware.

Thank You,
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