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Default Re: How real people will use Windows 8 on the desktop

Originally Posted by TheOneAndOnly View Post
I understand there are hacks. The question (the way I read it) was whether MS would enable a Metro "off" switch to disable it. From everything I can tell, that would be a no.

As far as hacks are concerned, I agree with you. I see no reason to waste my time just to end with a hacked, potentially unstable Windows 7 SP2 with an upgraded task manager. If I wanted that, I would wait for the real deal---without the upgraded task manager.

Unless some major changes are put into effect that ease my concerns in how Metro makes things more difficult on the desktop, I will be officially skipping this version. I will go no further than purchasing a copy to run on a VM just for educational purposes. Then I can be prepared to rake in the dough when unwitting customers upgrade to this mess and wonder WTF they were thinking and call me for assistance
So true, and I laughed That's one thing win 8 will be good for.
Originally Posted by Melfranks View Post
I can't imagine anyone installing a preview version over the top of their main OS.
I had a similar issue with a dual boot scenario, I had to boot from my Windows 7 CD and repair to get the "new" OS selection screen.
I've since removed my Windows 7 drive and installed Windows 8 on a 120GB SSD.

You would be doing yourself a disservice installing Windows 8 on a VM, this was one of the main reasons so many people complained about the new "hot corners". It's pathetically simple to hit them when you are in full screen, which any sane person would be running their OS in.
In a VM however it's much harder to find the corners, and some people actually thought Microsoft intended it to be that way. "I can't find that corner pixel for the Start menu!!1"

It's really interesting seeing the opinions so divided on this preview. I doubt I will ever go back to my Windows 7 installation, there is simply no reason to.
Others swear they will go Mac before they use Windows 8. Go figure...
The nice thing about the preview is it's free to try and easy to install. Just create a small partition, burn an ISO and have at it.
Been reading up on it.

As the functionality sits right now, windows 8 is very much a love it or absolutely loath it OS. Metro has no place on my non touch screen laptops. That said, I'm getting very tired of my linux partition constantly freezing up on me, so this whole experience just spurs me to try another, better OS than windows 8.
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