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Well, if anyone can test the following games, then I'll know if these drivers are worth their salt or not.

1) Freespace 2

2) Darkstone

3) Incoming (Rage, 1998)

4) Drakan: order of the flame

5) Re-volt

6) Ballistics

That should be a pretty nice mix of DX6 and DX7 games....
Of course, I could just install FS2 and test it myself ....but it takes a lot to get new drivers stable on my computer.... Either I have game problems.... and the previous driver (27.42) would blue screen when running burnBX.exe at 150 FSB..... (only with my Tualatin P3, but not with the coppermine P3), while I will not get a bluescreen with 29.42 (EXACT same config, just a driver switch), unless I go up to 155 FSB.

Darkstone, for instance, would not even start on the 27.42 would CTD at the main menu...and the 2nd CTD would crash directX completely until you rebooted...but works fine on 29.42. (darkstone worked on the 12.90 and 21.83 drivers, though !).
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