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Default Re: mouse will not work, help please!

Originally Posted by Cylphid View Post
I'm trying to do a fresh install of XP on a friends HP. Her son had this thing virus ridden to the point I can't even attempt a repair, but here's the problem.

Even with legacy USB support enabled in the bios, no mouse I try works, at all. I've tried a stock dell optical mouse, a logitech g500, a logitech wireless (m24 I think) and I've tried with a ps2 to USB adapter -

I've never run into this before, where neither ps2 or USB will work no matter what port I try. The fresh install gets all the way to the "adjusting visuals" prompt. All other prompts I had to use the keyboard..

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
You can definitely navigate the whole way through an XP install with just a keyboard.

Use tab and space to select and activate buttons.
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