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Default Re: Official Radeon 7950 Review and discussion thread

Vin has asked me not to post driver-related comments in this thread, and I respect his wish. I do have to say though that I have concerns about that. Not everyone who is considering buying one of these cards is going to think "Hey, let me check out the driver thread over there and see if there are any issues with the card or drivers." No, they're going to look in this thread as this is the discussion thread for the 7950. One would automatically expect feedback from those who have owned the card or read reviews about it to reside in this thread, as people usually do not frequent drivers threads until after they've bought the hardware and experienced driver issues.

I understand not wanting to turn this into a drivers griping thread, but I think brief and concise descriptions of what issues users are having should be allowed. Otherwise, I think some people are going to be missing out on some good feedback from other users who could potentially save them some time, trouble and money.

That is all I was trying to do. As slawter mentioned, the furthest thing from my mind when posting what I did was to steer people toward either AMD or Nvidia. I am completely bi-partisan when it comes to hardware. I don't care who has the better card.. I will buy it. At the same time I feel obligated to warn others if I have extensive experience with a product and feel that it's not meeting quality standards.. especially one that will cost buyers over 400$.

As an aside, I have to say.. roadhog.. you're the only Crossfire 7xxx user I've seen who's having no issues with his games. You do seem knowledgeable when it comes to hardware, so I guess I'll have to take you at your word and chalk it up to chance/system configuration. The Skyrim "stuttering" issue in particular puzzles me, because two other users were able to replicate that problem from my setup while you weren't. I'm glad that you're not having any issues, but from what I've seen a lot of Crossfire 7xxx users are.

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