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Default Re: NVS Quadro 450 poor performance.

This is a small part of a huge application. It would take a few days to generate a stand alone test case.

I am not sure I will be allowed to spend the time to generate a test case.

I have been instructed try an ATI card or come up with some type of work around. I will see what I can do in the background. It would be nice to stick with the NVIDIA card so we do not have to switch drivers. Switching drivers will be a support nightmare. These things are on Boats all over the world.

One thing I have noticed is the pixel clock on the 450 card is 160 MHZ where the 440 is 400 MHZ. We are driving DVI monitors. Could that be the issue.

qtgears and qtperf4 show the new card to be slower. gtgears twice as slow. gtperf4 not so much.
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