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Default Re: mouse will not work, help please!

Originally Posted by Starscream View Post
If it actually IS freezing there you obviously have other issues with this machine too. If it's not actually frozen/crashed just hit alt-tab to select the prompt if you aren't on it. Then press tab until you have ok selected and press space.

I think you should do some basic hardware tests like either Windows Memory Diagnostic or Memtest86. Also if this machine is old you should visually inspect the capacitors on the motherboard.
I will do this soon as I get home, thank you. I haven't researched the s/n yet, but I think it's 5-6 years old, pentium D 2.8Ghz proc.

I personally think she should just upgrade to a decent, modern laptop, but she won't

EDIT: It worked! WTH, I hit alt-tab and suddenly I had a desktop with a working mouse....

Thanks for the replies guys!
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