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Default The Timeth Hath Cometh

Well its time do to some business around here related to the reason I first joined almost 6 years ago to the day...get advice for building a new PC!

I'm still rocking the same case, disc drives, and maybe a hard drive from my original college build...AMD 64 3500+, 6800gt, 1gb ram, 160gb....aka beast, but have made a few upgrades over the years. It is finally time to retire this baby and maybe pass it along to a friend for cheap. Now I just need a few recommendations for my new build. I have a few things picked out.

For sure:

CPU: Intel i7 3770K
SSD: Intel 520 180gb

Need suggestions:

PSU: Corsair Professional series 750w looks pretty decent?
Ram: not really sure, 2x4gb DDR3 1600 of some sort likely
HD: 1TB WD Black + maybe another 1 or 2 for a raid 1 backup setup?
mobo: Haven't seen a lot of Ivy Bridge board reviews since they're not out yet
sound card: pcie x1 of some sort since the new boards dont have pci
keyboard: was thinking maybe logitech g510, but have read bad sticky key reviews
mouse: intellimouse explorer 3.0? I used to like my friends 7 years ago
DVD Burner/blu ray just cause?
Cpu cooler

Maybe a little later on:
New 24" monitor? not a huge fan of 16x9 tho..or a touch screen to play with win8? 3d?
New 2.1 setup of some sort? mine aren't a problem but maybe something newer

Thanks for any input!
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