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Default Re: Nvidia GeForce GTX 680 Launch Video

Originally Posted by MUYA View Post
That's how you sell / shift your lot

As a consumer it is up to you whether you believe that Laundry Suds A are that much better he Laundry Suds B...

COme on.....11 hours left!! sheesh and it will be 7990 and 690 and 685 rumors time lol
Yea I know, but the majority of enthusiasts like us don't care about PhysX. A lot don't care about 3D. I was just saying if some of the rumors are true, there are other features to tout which I think blow the PhysX improvements away.

I'm really curious to see the CUDA performance. If it's good I may talk my research advisor into buying us a nice new shiny 680 for GPGPU.
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