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Default Re: Nvidia GeForce GTX 680 Launch Video

Originally Posted by MUYA View Post
If you are buying top dollar card, you may want to look at extras , and in that corner NV has 3D vision and PhysX as extra benefits! If a company doesn't market what it believes are its assets (despite the enthusiasts "knowing better") then they have failed

AMD has their benefits etc like Eyeinfinity and H3D!

Actually for, 3D vision is a thing I would like to get (but budget constraints) as I have spent a few hours on 3D vision booth here locally and was very impressed!
I think you're missing my point, which is that I am more excited to see what under-the-hood tweaks they have done besides just the "oooh ahhh" extras like PhysX.

Obviously touting the extras will sell more cards to the masses.
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