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Default Which to go with a 2600K or a 3820.

Looking at reviews most say go with the 3820 even tho the 2600K is a few FPS faster in some games.The mother boards have 40 lanes instead of 24 lanes like the 1155.It overclocks just as good even being partial locked on the multiplers.Plus if I want to do TRI-SLI I can unlike with a 1155.unless they have one that will do TRI-SLI but running on 8x-8x-4x.I see some of the high dollar 1155 motherboards have 5x8x .Can't make my mind up .If the 3820 is a sandy bridge I can't see it being any slower then a 2600K ,I guess it could be the motherboard chipset.But haveing 4 channel memory would look like that should help and haveing 10mb of cache VS 8mb on the 2600K.The 2600k and 2700k are so close in price might as well get the 2700K if I go that route.
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