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Default The new iPad Overheating issues?

I've had my new iPad for just about a week now and I had noticed that it was a little warmer on the bottom left hand corner of the device. Last night while surfing the web on it, the browser "crashed to desktop" two or three times in about a 5 minutes span. The device was actually getting much hotter than it ever had. It was hot enough that it made my hands sweaty so I put the device down for the night.

This morning I was using it and again it got hot, but this time the device actually shut off with a warning message about the ipad needing to cool down. So I did some reading and it appears I'm not alone with this issue. Decided to return the device for now, and wait and see if it was a bad batch, but it was pretty much unusable for me, which is a shame because I was loving the device.
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