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Default Problems Xorg/Console


I have a problem with this laptop I do not know if it is normal or not.

It turns out that when I'm in the X work great any other program that has at all times.

But at the moment of truth, when I restarted the console, once in the X, are no longer.

Of X to a console, I get a line in the middle of the screen just 10 seconds.

I commented that it was the graphics card is overheating, which I do not think that because the temperature is generally out of 50 ~ 60 C.

I do not overclock or do anything. Natural right and the graphics card. Even using nvclock.

Thanks to fan me down to 40 ~ 45 C.

When I restart does not restart, I get stuck unless they do so with the power button (but yes, always with the black screen on the console).

This laptop has an age of almost 4 years.

Send this report in case anyone happens more than me Wheezy use Debian (Unstable).

Thank you very much who I answer.
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