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Default performance issue (how to investigate?)


this is not so much a bug report but the request for advice how I can investigte this further since I cannot find any information in the system logs.

The issue is that in Second Life I usually get around 20 fps in crowded places, but after a while the frame rate breaks down to 3 or so. I can reset it by toggling the window manager (eg. compositing on/off) but after a while it repeats.

Hardware: core i7 860, Palit GTX 560 Ti, 8 GB RAM
Software: Slackware 64 current, Kernel 3.2.11-ck1, Xorg 1.9.5, nvidia 295.20, Twinview

Observations and variation of parameters:

1. when it happens, the complete GUI is affected, reacting to clicks very slowly everywhere, including outside the viewer window

2. background apps run fine, so cpu scheduling is not the issue

3. happens with or without Twinview

4. tried 6 versions of 2 different viewers: all are affected, but it seems the firestorm viewer triggers the issue more frequently than the SL viewer

5. frame rate picks up when reducing graphical settings, but later goes down again. seems most sensitive to shader settings.

6. happens with different window managers (kde, xfce) with and without compositing

7. gpu and cpu temperatures are fine when it happens, cpu load is below maximum (eg. 200% with 8 logical cores available).

Since it looks like there is one particular resource running out I'd like to test this hypothesis. Question is: how can i monitor gpu resources?

Thanks and regards,


PS: gonna try the 295.33 driver next, but the changelog didn't mention anything relating to this issue.
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