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Default Re: Official GeForce GTX 680 Review and Discussion thread

Awesome card but im still not sold yet...Performance is great and when it comes down to it it is the best single GPU on the market....And slightly cheaper than 7970 too. However as slawter said. i cant help but feel that this release is mid range with added features to surpass that of the competition. Im not sure if thats because the rumoured GK110 i have read about isnt far off or because of the restrictive 2GB of mem and 256 bit mem bus in high resolution surround gaming if i do decide to go multi monitor. Bottom line is the performance increase in all games from my GTX285 to GTX680 would be A LOT and i would gain DX11 but am i going to regret getting one if gk100 comes out around 3/4 and is 15-25% faster ?
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