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Default Re: Which to go with a 2600K or a 3820.

I just finished a 3 week fight with a my i7 3820 build, it was worth it though!

1) Don't buy an Intel board quite yet.
They require a BIOS update to work with the 3820 and Intel won't tell you that. Instead you'll fight, scratch your head and ultimately replace the board with another one. The fix (I found out after I returned and bought a GA-X79-UD3) was to find a 39xx series processor to slap in there and upgrade the BIOS... I didn't have one lying around.

2) I had 2 bad CPU's in a row!
Is that award worthy? The first was confirmed by MicroCenter (where I bought it) in a working motherboard (the one I replaced the Intel DX79TO with). The second never touched my hands and was confirmed by MicroCenter on their bench as well. The third worked in a ASUS board and then they ran it in my GA-X79-UD3 where it worked fine.

3) Intel RSTe 3.x drivers don't support SMART data.
If you plan to use SSD Life or Crystal Disk Info, don't install the Intel RSTe drivers. I have a Mushkin SSD and the firmware updater could not see the SSD as a result of those drivers, once removed everything workded as I expected it to.

Am I happy with my build? Yes, I definitely am and I'll be a happy camper for a long time.

One other item for my nightmare build: I had wanted to use the Corsair H80. First one was bad, the cover of the CPU Block fell off. The second I thought was bad, but that was due to the Intel board not working as a result of the old BIOS. So I returned it. Then I found the NM-I2011 mounting kit for my Noctua NH-U12P for free on Noctua's site. 7-14 day shipping was their ETA, I was impatient and I ordered it from Amazon. My FREE kit came 8 days early in the mail.

If anyone has a Noctua HSF that they want to use on a socket 2011 build, I've got a free kit as long as they cover shipping. That's right, I don't need any $ for it, you just cover the shipping.
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