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Default Re: How real people will use Windows 8 on the desktop

Originally Posted by Redeemed View Post
Metro, as it is, will never be successful in the desktop space. So long as the keyboard and mouse are the primary input devices it will not catch on. It'd be more cost effective to switch over to Apple and run XP or 7 in parallels or bootcamp.
No, it wouldn't. In the typical enterprise environment, you're going to have deals with vendors like dell or hp where you order say 50 desktop systems (which in the future will probably include windows 8 OEM) and you'll spend around say $375 per system for an i3 processor, 4GB of ram, 250GB HDD and includes a 20" monitor.

You'll then have a volume license for Windows 7 Enterprise which costs you $60-80 per desktop (depending on any existing deals you have) and the first thing you'll do with the new computers is blow out the included OS and do an online unattended install of your volume licensed copy with an image that already includes all of your necessary applications and updates pre-installed.

And then on top of that, when you need upgrades, you can work with any vendor of your choosing.

With apple you are just stuck with whatever apple gives you, you'll pay two to three times as much per machine, and installing your applications is a manual process driving the costs even higher. There's a reason most businesses don't use apple. In fact you're far more likely to find linux than apple in *any* business.

In fact, my school used to include apple, but they stopped because they're expensive and nobody has any need for them. However in our business department linux is very popular because of apache as well as many advanced networking features not found in any other OS, except Cisco's IOS (not to be confused with apple's iOS) and Junipers JunOS, both of which only run on specialized hardware.
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