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Default Re: Official GeForce GTX 680 Review and Discussion thread

Originally Posted by Maverick123w View Post
Driver issue no doubt
I think that's only one piece of the puzzle.

Originally Posted by ViN86 View Post
Makes sense. Much of Kepler's strength comes from GPU boost. In multi-card configurations, load needs to be balanced correctly or you get stuttering waiting for one card to catch up. Odds are GPU boost doesn't work quite the same in SLI since no two cards will clock the same with power usage.

Another problem with this is that on air, the inside card will be hotter than the outside card, lowering its ability to benefit from GPU boost. So essentially what we are seeing is the "no GPU boost" cards in SLI, compared to the single card.

Looks like good SLI setups will require cards that are water cooled and have comparable OC headroom.

I think a lot of people are missing the fact that at stock speeds, odds are the 680 is equal to or slower than the 7970. The GPU boost is what gives it the single card performance crown.
The cards seem to be a clock race atm. GPU boost is really a big part of the 680's dominance.

Also, it seems likely that Nvidia cherry picked review cards. Kyle at [H] saw his card hit 1300MHz! I'm willing to bet no one sees their card do that. Add to that the fact that many people run poorly ventilated cases.

Don't get me wrong, the 680 is a nice card, but the game this round is different than before. The two architectures are similar now, so for a comparable number of shaders, we are going to start getting into a clock race.
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