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Default Re: Geforce 301.10 (win7/vista) x64 only WHQL

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
Are the new Surround features also available for Fermi cards?
ManuelG on nvidia forums said a 300 series driver is coming for all cards in April. Also:

"FXAA, Adaptive VSYNC, and many of the Surround enhancements will be made available for Fermi-based products in the upcoming UDA driver.

GPU Boost and TXAA are Kepler specific. "

I can understand them not wanting the overhead of integrating GPU Boost on all cards, but TXAA appears to be very simple to integrate into an existing MSAA/post process AA game engine, seems to only require MSAA and support on a card, so keeping it Kepler-specific and (guessing) tying it into TWIMTBP seems like it would put devs off: "why should we spend the time integrating and testing this and then specifically locking it to Kepler?"
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