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Default Re: Geforce 301.10 (win7/vista) x64 only WHQL

about TXAA
TXAA is a new film-style AA technique that is designed to exploit GeForce GTX 680ís high FP16 texture performance. TXAA is a mix of hardware anti-aliasing, custom CG film style AA resolve, and in the case of 2xTXAA, an optional temporal component for better image quality. The bulk of TXAA is a high-quality resolve filter, which is carefully designed to work with the HDR-correct post processing pipeline.

Like our FXAA technology, TXAA will be first integrated directly into the game engine. The following games, engines, and developers have committed to offering TXAA support: MechWarrior Online, Secret World, Eve Online, Borderlands 2, Unreal Engine 4, BitSquid, Slant Six Games, and Crytek.

So i kinda doubt it will be Kepler only, every high-end gpu has fast FP16 support.. Also why would a engine maker bind it to certain gpu, doesnt make any sense
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