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Default Re: Module for kernel 2.4.21-0.16mm-mdk?

Originally posted by mrblobby
Hi there,

The linux installer for 5328 cannot find a valid kernel module for the above kernel (a low latency version of mdk 9.1 standard kernel). I do not have the kernel source for that version, so I cannot compile one either. It is a 38MB download on dialup for me, so rather than tie my phone up I thought to ask here if someone already has a kernel module compiled for 2.4.21-0.16mm-mdk?

Hopefully a pre-compiled kernel module is smaller than a complete kernel source download!

Kind regards,

Mr Blobby, New Zealand.
I bit the bullet and downloaded the 2.4.21-0.16mm-mdk kernel source (2.5 hours of phone tie-up!), compiled a 5328 kernel module, but that overwrites the kernel module for my vanilla kernel. Is there a way for the 5328 driver to install a module for both kernels I have and not just one at a time?

Kind regards,

Mr Blobby, New Zealand.
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