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Unhappy blackscreen/freeze on X

Athlon XP1700+
Biostar M7MIA motherboard
HPT370 onboard IDE controller (installed on this)
Geforce 4 Ti4200 AGP 128MB
SBLive Value
Dell 1901FP monitor
Gentoo linux kernel 2.6.0

I've tried many different versions of the nvidia-kernel and nvidia-glx drivers.
No errors come out of X, although I have some strange behavior in my messages log. I get no splash screen, no nothing, X simply refuses to load and the system hard locks (while using the nvidia driver).

I know there have been problems with 5328 so I rolled back to 4496.

When I try to use the 'nv' driver I get a complaint about being unable to setup the write-combining region. X sort of loads, I get no splash screen or hatched background but twm comes up very large (looks like 640x480) and I have no mouse cursor, but windows take focus and I can get the twm menu, although clicking 'exit' only removes the window headers and I have to ctrl-alt-bksp to get out of X and there are two copies of the message saying X was forcibly killed.

Help? It's been a week and I still have no X, it's really starting to hurt. Thanks in advance. -Justin

Cut from messages, first the login and crash, then the reboot to show dmesg:


Kernel config
(I have added support for my AMD 761 chipset and removed ACPI as well, not reflected in this file)
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