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Default Re: The Timeth Hath Cometh

The safe side of what?
the i7 will be less than 90W TDP and the 680 is a 195W TDP.
That's less than 300W. Even if you give some allowance for MB/case/fans/Mem (100W would be a lot) and some more for OC (+200W), his 750W will be enough to provide.
The only thing this would limit him for is an eventual SLI later on, but few people go that road (I'm personally not a fan of multi cards).

Let's not supersize PSUs for no reason... few run very well at <20% load.

To come back to the question at hand: it's difficult to give you definite answers as IVB is scheduled for june, a whole 3 months away. Most recommendations depend on budget and prices, 2 things we don't know (because you did not say for the first one and the 2nd has not been announced).

Some questions though:
Sound card: do you need analog sound? Most digital sound, either through MB or graphic cards are now good enough (all processing done on CPU either way on win7+)
DVD/BD: how often do you use optical disks? will that be a media center (BDRom playback needed)? Blu ray is pretty weak on PC outside of playing movies and most prefer streaming as a convenient alternative. A cheap DVDRW can be included (it's only $20)

Cooler: do you plan on overclocking? by how much? IVB is supposed to be really cool (65-90W max), so unless you plan extreme OC, no real need for a killer cooler.

RAM: very cheap right now. Difficult to say where it will stand in 3 months. now, 2x4GB is $40. Consider that a minimum.

Conclusion, a little bit early to answer most questions. Heck, in 3 months, nv will probably be close to release their GK110...
As the universe is curved, there cannot be a straight answer...
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