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Smile Re: Bug in installation skript of nvidia-driver-295.33 for install with kernel 3.3

Originally Posted by danix View Post
Thanks, the generated header files will be picked up from $OUTPUT instead of $SOURCES in the next release.
Seems like you had said that when 295.20 was the current release, so perhaps we do not know in which version this will be fixed. To add to what Platinumviper said. I have come up with this procedure, for complete details of how to apply the patch.

If we can assume you have compiled or in some way installed kernel 3.3 and only need to load it from grub, here is what you would do first. You need to have the application called patch installed. You can use the terminal command "patch --help" to see if it is installed. These patches were kindly supplied by Larry Finger, one the kernel developers. Thanks for your help Larry.

This example is for nVIDIA driver 295.33:

1. Open the Link: (or for 295.20)

2. Select all of the text and do a Edit/Copy. Open up kwrite of other Text editor and do an Edit/Paste

3. Save the Text file as the file ~/Downloads/NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-295.33.patch

4. Download the driver file to your ~/Downloads Folder from their Web Site.

5. Open a terminal session and run the commands:

cd ~/Downloads
sh ./ --extract-only --target "$HOME/Downloads/NVIDIA-295.33"
cd "$HOME/Downloads/NVIDIA-295.33/Kernel"
patch -b ./ ~/Downloads/NVIDIA-Linux-x86-295.33.patch
Now your nVIDIA driver script has been patched. To intstall this with the patched script,

6. Restart your Linux version, loading kernel 3.3 into run level 3 as normal and log in as root.

7. Change to the nVIDIA Installer folder like this:

cd /home/username/Downloads/NVIDIA-295.33
8. Run The installer in the default folder.

The Installation should operate normally with the kernel 3.3 source files present and installed. Let me know if you have any questions on this procedure. If you have any corrections or additions to this procedure, please take time to let us know what they are.

Thank You,
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