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Default Re: Official GeForce GTX 680 Review and Discussion thread

Originally Posted by fasedww View Post
I'll be getting 2 Evga 680's to put in SLI, Can I use a 470gtx for physcis card or will this be in compatible or make it worse.?
That should work as far as i know. You are going to love these cards in SLI. They rock and if you have surround, then wow. Performance is through the roof compared to the GTX580's i had.

I have tried out BF3, Skyrim and Stalker, Call of Pripyat. performance has almost doubled in some situations and others it has more than doubled in Surround. stalker for instance i get 50-100 FPS at 6000x1200 DX11 everything maxed except AA with Sun Shafts. performance is stellar. BF3 runs at between 60 and 100 FPS on Custom Ultra (just turned off Motion Blur and AA) everything else maxed. I could only get 60 FPS on the 580's at high settings and no AA or Blur. Skyrim doesn't drop below 55 FPS on Maxed settings @6000x1200. The 580's would have crawled at that res and settings.
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