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Default Re: Which to go with a 2600K or a 3820.

I play game but I also do video encoding,and I wanted something comparable to the system I had.If it had not been in a fire I think I would have got a lot longer use out of my i7-920 and EX58-UD5 motherboard.I have looked and looked at reviews and all say go with the 17-3820 over the 2600k.They are both great CPU's I just like the ASRock X79 Extreme4 motherboard better.I will still use my GTX 470's since I have three of them ,most of the time I just run SLI ,but it good to know I have the extra power if I need it.I will agree if you are just a gamer then get the i5-2500K.I l allready had 16gigs of 4 sticks of DDR3 memory.all the reviews I read about the motherboard said it was good .I guess I will find out.The i7-2600K system was going to cost me $530 and the i7-3820 system cost me $550 plus I got a $20 gift certificate.Plus I will be useing my 3 old harddrive W.D. Black 640g and 2 samsung 1TB .I am still waiting for the SSD to come down because I would like to have a 500G at least and they are just to high.Plus the new GTX 680 looks great but I think I can still get a year or more out of my GTX 470's.and I just game at 1920x1080 since I use my 46" LG HDTV.Plus the i7-3820 overclocks just as good as the 2600K since it's multipler goes up to 43 and you can overclock the BLCK up to 143 ,But ever review I seen had know problem doing 4.7gigs with little voltage increase and some do over 5gigs if you want to push it.It will be fun haveing a new toy to play with since it has been over three years.I will just cross my fingers that I don"t run into any problems and have bad luck with it.I don't think I will, I might have to do a bios update but it will still work without the bios update ,the bios update is just to make it where you can use the BLCK without problems.
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