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Default X crashes systematically at startup (Ubuntu 11.10, 8800M GTX/G92M)

Dear forum readers and contributors,

Help !

It seems to me I've tried whatever could be tried but I still can't use the proprietary driver on my system. I attached a bug report.

Symptoms : A short time after the login screen has been displayed, X becomes unresponsive, except for the mouse which can still be moved. Switching to another VT via Ctrl-Alt-Fn doesn't work any more. I can switch to another VT before the freeze. If I try to reboot from a text VT the system gets stuck, the fans become mad and I get a message "stall on CPU1" or something like that.

dmesg displays a "fallen off the bus" error, as well as some ACPI errors related to MXMI/MXMS methods being passed too much arguments. I tried booting with acpi=off with no success (except that the ACPI messages were gone...), same freeze at startup.

Flashed the system BIOS and vBIOS to more recent versions with no change, except for slightly less ACPI MXM-related error messages. Anyway, I doubt this is ACPI-related because of my acpi=off try. I passed NVreg_RegisterForACPIEvents=0 anyway, with no success either.

I tried X server options too, such as disabling the Composite extension, setting ConnectToAcpid to "False" => no success. Both even seem to be ignored, since I still see
"(II) Initializing built-in extension COMPOSITE", and
"(II) Open ACPI successful (/var/run/acpid.socket)"
despite being acknowledged earlier in the log file (the log file even explicitly says the Composite extension will be disabled).

Any advice is welcome !

EDIT : FWIW, my machine is a Clevo M571RU-U
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