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Post The Sunday Papers

Sunday mornings are for waking up under a stream of sunlight and realising you need to get out of bed and compile a list of interesting reading for the internet's unblinking gaze. Yes, the 'Papers are more important than sleep ' Up, Rossignol, and to the coalface!

Actually, I will sit in the garden for a bit with a cup of tea and it'll be late. Sorry about that.
  • You should start today by reading Richard Cobbett's retrospective of Wasteland. What with the big Kickstarter and everything, it's worth remembering what it was all about: 'When combat starts, I yawn. That might seem strange, and yes, RPGs have always been combat heavy. For me though, fighting things and looting their corpses has never been the point. Instead, when I buy one, it's for the joy of entering and exploring a new world, poking around a new culture, and ideally savouring the journey like a tourist instead of feeling trapped on a rail.' Oh, if only RPG designers remembered thatā?¦ (moreā?¦)

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