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Default Re: Official GeForce GTX 680 Benchmark Thread!

Jacob from evga dropped by 680gtx OC thread and said they might release a "OC fiendly" 680gtx with 6+8pcie and full 5PWM in the near future.

Looks like these first ones really are hindered and can't be OC'ed more then ~ 1200-1300mhz.

Originally Posted by subyman

Originally Posted by EVGA-JacobF View Post

It is not possible to set absolute values anymore. Clock is dynamic now so you set an offset from that. Your actual running speed depends on a lot of factors.
We could try to show absolute value, but it wouldn't be right.
Do you have any idea about how the upgraded PCBs will affect the overclocking potential? Do these cards need more power to get a good overclock, or are we pretty much at the maximum potential as is? It doesn't seem like moving the slider to 132% gives much of an overclock right now, so I have my doubts that going with 2x8 PCI-E connectors will have much benefit, especially if we can't mess with voltages anyway.

Thanks for taking the time to browse the forums. EVGA has never let me down.
Originally Posted by EVGA-JacobF

No results yet, but with the 8+6 we may be able to do some tweaks to allow higher frequencies. Also it will have 5 phase. May have results by next week.

Or Nvidia did it intentionally and said sorry no Oc for you lol
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