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Originally Posted by johnv View Post
Oh, I see. testing has 295.20 and you must prefer 295.33. OK. I run unstable/sid and have 295.33, but unstable is not a good idea if you aren't used to fixing a borked update ( which happens now an then). If 295.20 (which is still very recent) could work for you, you could use apt-get or aptitude to install 295.20. I feel I've gotten you in over your head. I'll help all I can, but you sound discouraged. If you can be on the computer you say you are posting from, and near the other perhaps I can walk you through one to one to a point that will get you a reasonable setup. It's your call.
This computer is setup to be a triple boot system at present. I want to set things up so that from Debian stable I can run virtual systems so that I could have copies of Win7, Debian testing, CentOS and possibly others available all at the same time. I have lots of memory and plenty of processor power and drives setup to make things straightforward.

What I don't have running:

on Debian stable I have all four monitors working (using 295.20) but I cannot input anything on three screens (think I need to modify Xconf to give me a keyboard and mouse for each incidence of the server).

on Debian testing I am presently to 1 working monitor (like the system and it would likely be my preferred choice IF I could get all the monitors working especially if it were one large workspace (7680 x 7680)).

on Debian stable to setup KVM.

As I've blown north of 125 hours already trying to get stable and testing to see four monitors and with a few steps into the KVM setup (setting up a raid array (first time)) its getting to feel like what I am trying to do is some kind of black art. What makes it frustrating is that things 'just work' on the Win7 side. I have a number of business things I need to get done so quite soon I am going to have to just start getting things done (it is tax season!!) so maybe I should just get things working somewhat (forget about dynamic screen setup on Debian period).

John - - your assistance has been clear and easy to understand. I just don't have the background to get most of the in between stuff. So that's where I run into issues. Things that are clear and easy to someone who knows what they are doing are not always easy for me. I do hope that you are not getting too frustrated!! Any assistance you are willing to offer will be gladly accepted.
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