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Default Re: Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Originally Posted by Redeemed View Post
Oh, I agree completely regarding the impact SSDs have on a PC's performance.

However, $300 is still a lot of money as that is over half of a paycheck for me. However, I have been saving up some money. I'm just not sure what I want- a 120GB or a 240GB. I'm leaning towards the 240GB but just haven't made my mind up yet. Was also gonna' pick up a 512GB down the road for a dedicated Steam drive, but those are *way* too expensive so I'm likely gonna' pick up a 500GB WD RE4 HDD or a WD Black 750GB as a dedicated Steam drive. Leaning towards the 750GB Black as it'd last me that much longer and it doesn't cost much more than the 500GB RE4 drive.

As to Win8... not sure about a seperate install. Maybe I could use this 30GB SSD as a Win8 drive once I get my new SSD.
Go with a hybrid drive. I have a Seagate momentus XT as the OS drive in my laptop. Between that and a 16Gb SHDC card I paid $18 for, using readyboost this is more responsive than any fully mechanical drive at a great cost. And I didn't have to give up the space.
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