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Default Re: Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Originally Posted by Cylphid View Post
Go with a hybrid drive. I have a Seagate momentus XT as the OS drive in my laptop. Between that and a 16Gb SHDC card I paid $18 for, using readyboost this is more responsive than any fully mechanical drive at a great cost. And I didn't have to give up the space.
I've read great things about the Hybrid drives if used as boot drives. However, I don't think I need that much space in a boot drive. For the same price as the Momentus XT I can get a 120GB SSD, and $110 more gets me a 240GB SSD. Both of which are far greater in capacity than I need for an OS drive, and would yield far greater performance.

However, I'm still considering the XT as an option, just because it would offer great performance with enough storage to last me a *very* long time... I could install some programs, maybe store my pictures, documents, and such.

Good to hear great things about these drives from somebody that owns one though. Thank you for the feedback and suggestions.

EDIT: Just saw this 750GB Momentus XT for $150. Not a bad deal...

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
again you don't need to spend $300 to make your computer faster.

that is WAY MORE than you need for OS.
Oh, I know. Newegg has several 120GB SSDs near the $120 mark as well. They also have a few 240GB SSDs near the $240 mark. Getting pretty close to $1/GB at those capacities at least. I'll be getting a new SSD to replace this 30GB soon, and the more I think of it the more I like the idea of using this 30GB SSD as a Windows 8 drive.
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