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Default Re: GeForce 600 Roadmap Partially Exposed

Originally Posted by TheTaz View Post
It's the "Smack your bitch up" card that should have been the GTX680 (if you go by traditional code names -> enthusiast level cards)... but nVidia didn't want to blow their whole wad. (and they are probably also waiting for better 28nm yields, which is smart)

That said, the present GTX680 is more than a quantum leap for me... given that I'm still running an 8800GTX.
That's a false statement. No one "holds back". Sitting on a card is a poor business move as it prevents forward progress. Kepler isn't the only architecture being worked on. You can be sure that they are already working on the next architecture, although we have no idea what it's called. Preventing the release of a card ties up engineers that could be used on a newer product.

GK110 wasn't ready, hence why we got a stripped down version of it, GK104. I'm excited to see what the GTX 670 Ti offers.
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