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Default Re: The new iPad Overheating issues?

It was during the day, the temps were mostly 30-40C thus reported by our gear. I should have said.

"My iPad operates in temps 30-40C however you should not these are not the foretasted temps, which range from 20-26C. I should also note I'll be travelling between Newcastle and Byron Bay this week, next week Townsville. Those areas also have their own foretasted temperatures, none will exceed 30C, however conditions the iPad will operate in will range from 18-40C in these areas too. I should also say when my iPad is close to my enormous penis the wifi range increases however temps will probably max out at 50-60C. Oh and this is during the day. At night I'm Batman and use a custom Android based Bat-Tablet."

Also I am disappoint the above website is not real. ::
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