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Default Re: GeForce 600 Roadmap Partially Exposed

Originally Posted by Bah! View Post
How is selling a mid-range card at enthusiast prices a poor business move? I'm not exactly positive that Nvidia didn't hold back based on how well this card ended up. Releasing their best card first when this one is already faster than anything out there seems like that would be a bad move IMO. Now they can release a new card in the next month at a higher price point than what was currently the high end price and make a killing, or completely cripple ATI profits by dropping the price on the 680 and making them follow suit.

As far preventing forward progress, they don't exactly need much progress. We are still in the same console generation we were in nearly a decade ago and we won't be seeing a new generation for at least a couple of years. The amount of games that will require something better than what is currently available any time soon is slim to none.
I'm not sure you guys are understanding the situation... Its not the same as last gen. 28nm is vastly more expensive than 40nm was. These cards are at $499 because 294mm^2 costs nearly what 550mm^2 did a when fermi launched.

That kind of makes me wonder how much faster GK110 will be?
At this point I donno if there is a GK110, if there is its probably just a refresh part like 580 was over 480 i.e. not that great. They can't go much bigger without making a card that costs $800.
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