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Default Re: GeForce 600 Roadmap Partially Exposed

imo 685gtx price is ok for that true flagship, 680gtx is really a 350$ card but since it rivaled 7970 in most games(sucks in compute and OC). doh yeah lets all use 500$..

Originally Posted by Viral View Post
That kind of makes me wonder how much faster GK110 will be?
Calling it a 685 and only pricing it $100 higher... unless of course the 680 will be a bit cheaper by that time or receive a good price drop after the 685 launch.

I think it's going to be like socket 2011 has been with Intel, faster, but not really enough to justify the money for anyone not a complete enthusiast.

Locally, 7970's have dropped $60 and 680's are being gouged by $80-100, so if I were buying now I'd probably just go with a 7970 since the extra power/heat is worth it to me just to have the extra VRAM.
Not yet, but when you put in IB-E 8core (16threads) its a good investment.

I checked for my next upgrade cpu/mobo/ram and then i saw this

2700K+200e mobo+16gb 2133mhz combo 672€
3820+240e mobo+16gb 2133mhz combo 679€

3820 @ 4.7ghz ~ 1.36v is about the limit, ok it can do 5ghz but at ~ 1.48v...Imo 4.6ghz should be good enough for 2-3 years, until my next upgrade 8core IB-e
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