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Default Re: GeForce 600 Roadmap Partially Exposed

Originally Posted by ninelven View Post
??? In other words, a completely different chip, AKA GK110. Larger than 256-bit memory interface, ECC, 1/2 rate DP, more cache/registers per CC, all which takes considerable die space... It will also likely have a higher ALU:TEX ratio. If you don't want to call it GK110, fine. But it will be a larger, completely different chip... certainly not GK104.
Which is not a desktop GPU chip. Which was the point. Poeple were asking about GK110 in the idea of waiting for it if its going to be much faster, but if its a compute-specific chip then it doesnt really matter. Understand?

It is the compute/DP performance per watt that matters
Yeah, and big hot chips are worse at perf/watt. Hence it probably won't be big and hot. Just like Pitcairn blows away Tahtis perf/watt.
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