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Default Re: GeForce 600 Roadmap Partially Exposed

Originally Posted by ninelven View Post
Not at DP it doesn't. In fact, quite the opposite.
Because it wasn't made for DP. If it was, it would be more efficent. This is irrelevant to the point though. Point being, its more efficent.

Neither was Fermi,
Yes it was. By that logic I guess Tahti isn't desktop GPU. Right?

The absolute performance will likely still be higher than GK104
For DP, yeah. Thats the purpose...

but the performance/$ and performance/watt (for gaming) will be less than GK104.
Yes... so whats your point? My point was GK110 is probably a HPC/server product and thus doesn't exist from a desktop GPU point of view. I'm not sure what you're even trying to get at. That it will be a desktop high end product?
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