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Originally Posted by crainger View Post
LOL I just read the AT&T was paid by Nokia to push these onto their staff for free. Wish we got stuff like that. All we get is last years Android phone and tablets. ::
Correction, Microsoft Paid Nokia to pay AT&T. One of the things I've been reading is how a lot of handset makers give big incentives to the sales people to help push their products. Even though WP7 is a solid device many people don't even know it exists and the sales people don't want to show it to you since they don't get as big of a check when they sell them. I can't remember the number but I belive Microsoft put down a few million to help promote their devices to help adoption rates.

I'd love to see one of these phones in person as well. I'm liking my trophy but there is always room for improvment. My upgrade should fall around the time that Apollo devices hit.


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