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Exclamation 261 nvnet is simply broken, hosed, bad, etc...

After trying the 261 drivers with the specified optimization from the readme file I must conclude that the 261 drivers still stink.

If I try to login at the console, I am met with a terribly long pause for the system to respond to my keystrokes. Once Logged in after I do startx, the desktop often is just frozen. Plus nmbd is hogging lots of CPU time, but unsure if that is totally related eventhough it started at the same time.

I have returned to the 261 w/ 256 nvnet install. That is working quite nicely.

I should also note the the optimizations are the same in 261 and 256, so why should I have to change the mode for 261? No, 261 is broken and should be avoided at all costs. Well, at least the nvnet portion.

NVIDIA, are you listening?
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