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Default Re: Official GeForce GTX 680 Review and Discussion thread

I just got an EVGA 680 in. I haven't had an Nvida card since the ATI 5800 series came out so I'm totally out of touch.

I'm reinstalling Win7 from scratch right now. I kind of felt the need for a clean install anyway. For this EVGA 680 - should I use EVGA drivers or reference drivers? And are there any tools on the disk that I would want - and, if so, should I even bother with the disk? Usually I just assume any disk has old drivers and go to the net...

Also, I may be weird but I still use Ghost 2003 to make images (I'm happy with how simple it is and don't like the extra bloat in windows from a windows installed backup prog). Why would the 680 does this at the DOS level?

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