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Default Re: GeForce 600 Roadmap Partially Exposed

Originally Posted by Ninja Prime
At this point I donno if there is a GK110
I took this statement by you at face value.

Now, there are two possibilities:
1) You did not know if there was a GK110 (or whatever you want to call it).
2) You did know there was a GK110, and you were being dishonest on purpose.

I took your statement at face value and assumed possibility 1. I then provided you with the knowledge that there is indeed a GK110.

Generally, when I receive knowledge I did not previously have, I am happy about it. However, my sharing my knowledge with you resulted in what I would consider a negative response. I do not understand the reasoning of a negative response to my statements. I was expecting you to express a similar emotion as I would have upon gaining insight I did not have before, but that was not the case. I do not know why there being a GK110 makes you unhappy, nor can I do anything about your emotional state regarding these matters. If you desire to persist in a delusion, that is your choice.
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