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Default Re: Official "I just got a Geforce GTX 6xx thread"

I got mine in a couple of days ago. I was so dang busy with work yesterday that I never even got a chance to open the box. Got it in today though (EVGA 680). The last time I upgraded with when I bought x2 5850's the day they came out. Supposedly everything says that in crossfire x2 5850's are on par with a GTX 580. So this shouldn't been that much of an upgrade.

I don't even know how to explain this, but my 2D desktop looks A LOT better, the background image looks sharper, as well as text. It's a night and day difference (did do a clean install too).

And, (omg I have wood), I put Skyrim on Ultra and have a lot of texture mods. Skyrim looks A CRAPLOAD better. Like standing still it looks a crapload better, and when moving around it also looks a crapload more smooth. PLUS, even after I got in a fight with a dragon, and a dozen enemies AND went for a run around and fight in Whiterun, it stayed pegged at 60fps on Ultra the whole time (1920x1080).

Awesome Awesome Awesome. For the record, going from x2 5850's to a single 680 GTX is a MASSIVE noticable difference.

I haven't looked up when temp ranges I should see on stock. This is from playing Skyrim for about 10 minutes on Ultra (look ok?):

^ hey is that really saying the GPU was only around 72% used while Skyrim was maxxed on Ultra? (wow)

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